Couch Covers

$69.99 $140

Australia's #1 Voted Couch Cover Of The Year

Do you want to avoid dirt, crumbs, stains or mess being left on your couches?

We thought so, that's where our premium Couch Cover comes in. We have created a special design for easy installation and maximum protection. Give your old and worn-out sofa the upgrade it deserves, the quick installation will allow you to give life to any couch, any time or anywhere. 

Join Happy Australian Customers Who Have Bought Our Covers

Prevent crumbs gathering in between your cushions and save time cleaning. Our covers have proven to instantly improve the style of your living space while providing protection from pets, spills, scratches, dirt, stains or daily wear and tears. Make a small investment to prolong the life of your couch today.

Amazing Benefits

✔ Protection From Spills, Crumbs, Dirt Or Pet Hair

✔ Avoid Using Bed Sheets For Protection

✔ Save Thousands On New Couches

✔ Instantly Give New Life To Your Home

✔ Easy Installation & Machine Washable Safe

✔ Australian Owned & Shipped From Sydney 

✔ Happy Australian Customers 

✔ Risk Free - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 

How To Protect Your Living Area

One of the many advantages of using our new stretchy amazing sofa covers is that all of our covers are completely machine washable safe. When your new Couch Cover needs changing simply remove and install your second back up cover easily and efficiently. This will keep your sofa looking amazing all year round.

Proven To Renew Your Living Space

Older, worn pieces of furniture like a favourite living room sofa can be refurbished instantly with the addition of our stylish covers. Any loose pieces of fabric or scratches to sofa arms from pets can be hidden by our Couch Covers. Our covers are the best solution on the Australian market. 

Risk Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We understand if you are nervous or worried. That is why we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Our products are proven to be so effective that if you are not satisfied within 30 days, you will receive a full 100% refund and a personal apology from Aussie Supplies for any inconvenience. - Please refer to our Refund Policy at the bottom of our page for more information.


1 Seater: 90cm to 140cm

2 Seater: 145cm to 185cm

3 Seater: 190cm to 230cm

4 Seater: 230cm to 300cm

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